Understanding the Notices about QuickBooks Sunsetting

Have you recently been told, “your QuickBooks is sunsetting soon”? What does this mean to you?

It’s really quite simple, all desktop versions of QuickBooks, whether you install them locally or host them in the cloud will stop being supported by Intuit. This year QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise 2015 and Point of Sale V11 and V12 are joining the sunset list. If you are like me, it’s not an issue because you are always on the latest version of QuickBooks taking advantage of all the new features. However, some of you resist change as well as the expense that comes with it.

What versions are supported?

As of May 2018, these will be:

  • QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2016, 2017, & 2018
  • QuickBooks Pro for Mac 2016 (they have not continued developing)
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale v18
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale v12 – only for QuickBooks Payments customers
Some reasons to consider upgrading:

Do you use the integrated features of QuickBooks payroll and/or QuickBooks payments?

If so, there is a big reason to upgrade, you will no longer be able to accept payments or process your payroll. They require that you are on the latest versions of QuickBooks in order to support you.

Do you call support? You will no longer have access to any support plans.

Do you use online banking? You will no longer be able to download your bank transaction and will have to enter them manually.

Do you use the Multi-currency feature? This will end.

Do you use the online backup service? This will no longer work.

Does your Accountant use the “Accountant’s Copy File Transfer” service so that they can create journal entries for you and you can import them? This will stop working.

For Point of Sale do you use the Multi-Store exchange? This will no longer work Point of Sale v11 and v12.

These are just a few of the popular features that our client’s need to use. One of the most important and often overlooked features we receive throughout the year are the updates via patches. These often contain critical security patches that you will want to help protect you.

Another service you will no longer have access to is the Data Protective services which are the group that can repair a damaged data file. You will no longer be able to use their services. Even though we recommend backing up your data file often, think of this one as your insurance. You never know when something goes wrong, and you wish you had the ability to have your file repaired.

Now, what else do you need to think about when you are faced with a SUNSET and possible upgrade? Are you in the right software? Have you outgrown your software? Are you paying too much or too little for your software? Can Complete Business Group save me money? There are lots of things to consider with the changes in subscriptions for some products and bundling Enterprise with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll where you have no extra fees. Even direct deposit is included for your employees. Want to talk through your options? Give us a call 843-407-0447 or schedule an appointment.