Bundling Enhanced Payroll To Save Money

At Complete Business Group, we are your dedicated QuickBooks Product Experts. We have uncovered a hidden opportunity for you to save big. Let’s talk about the power of “Bundling,” a strategy that many customers are not aware of, and that has the benefit of significant savings.

To explain the concept of bundling, the cable company is a great example. If you just buy the cable standard package, you pay higher rates, but by bundling the telephone and internet services with your cable plan, you save a huge amount rather than paying separately for each.

As of July 31, 2024, QuickBooks Enterprise Pro, Premier, and Enhanced/Assisted Payroll subscriptions will no longer be available for sale. But fear not—existing customers are grandfathered in. However, you need to review the major price hikes when staying on these products!

Why Choose QuickBooks Enterprise Gold?

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is included when you purchase QuickBooks Enterprise Gold Edition. 

This is the “Do it yourself” integrated payroll option to process payroll right inside of your QuickBooks financial software. It will no longer be available as a stand-alone option. 

Remember that this option requires you to make your own tax payments and file your own quarterly & annual payroll tax returns. If you want those tasks done for you, you must look at QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond, which includes QuickBooks Assisted Payroll. 

Enhanced Payroll alone is $55 per month plus $6 per employee per month. TODAYS PRICING before it’s no longer available.




Upgrade to Gold: Embrace Enhanced Payroll at No Extra Cost!

Case Study: Upgrade to Gold Edition 

In the case below, we highlight a Premier customer who uses QuickBooks Premier Desktop with an active QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Subscription for 35 employees. 

There were three issues:

  1. Premier keeps having huge price increases. MSRP $949 for 1 user.
  2. They complained that their performance was super slow. We found that their file size was more than double what is recommended for QB Premier.
  3. Enhanced Payroll keeps having a huge price increase. MSRP $55 per month plus $6 per EE per month.

Total Annual Cost $4,129

  • Premier $949
  • Enhanced Payroll $265 per Month or $3180 per year 

Our recommendation is QuickBooks Enterprise 1 user Gold Edition. $1,538 per year.

For LESS, rather than paying $3180 per year for JUST their payroll subscription, they migrated to QBES Gold for only $1538 per year, and they noticed a significant improvement in their performance. 

As part of the migration process, we were also able to get them a refund for the unused prorated portion of their annual payroll subscription.

Total Annual Savings $2,591

Click here to check pricing or place an order.

Additional Benefits of Moving to Enterprise

  • Smooth upgrade to the software similar to the current interface, with no learning curve
  • Intuit continues to invest in this product 
  • Faster data file processing
  • QuickBooks Payments are available for no monthly fee!
  • Access to the Everything Enterprise learning center of videos
  • Data protection is included

Ready to make the switch and save big? Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discover how QuickBooks Enterprise can transform your business, saving you time while maximizing your savings. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity—upgrade today!

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