Your expert QuickBooks Team


Carrie Kahn, CPA

Founder & CEO

With over 20 years of experience, Carrie loves helping small business owners and their staff implement the most cost-effective and easy-to-use QuickBooks accounting solutions for their businesses.

Complete Business Group delivers Intuit based solutions that simplify the lives of end-users, ProAdvisors and partners nationwide. CBG is now considered one of the largest and fastest-growing Intuit Premier Resellers in the world.

She’s passionate about building a partnership of collaborative QuickBooks experts, with various niches, to assist her clients in their unique business needs while providing them access to her level of resources and best product pricing.

Carrie serves as a host for the Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Business Owners (ABBO) Facebook Group as the QuickBooks Product Expert. She was named top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor of the Year for 2014, 2105, and 2016. Carrie is a voice to the IRP channel and serves on the Advisory Council. She has been in the top 10 Intuit Premier Resellers (IRP’s) since 2012 and currently is ranked #1 in the East.

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Carrie is the only QuickBooks expert in South Carolina that is both an Authorized Premier Intuit Reseller and an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.

What does this means to you?

Complete Business Group offers better service, expertise from multiple perspectives, and better pricing with access to great discounts. She holds several advanced QuickBooks certifications and qualified memberships in addition to being a CPA.

  • Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • Certified QuickBooks Point of Sale ProAdvisor
  • Certified QuickBooks Enterprise Solution ProAdvisor
  • T-Sheets ProAdvisor Council
  • QuickBooks Product Expert for School of Bookkeeping & ABBO
  • American Express Open’s Advisory Council for Receipt Match
  • Chapter Leader of the Pee Dee National Advisor Network
  • Author for Intuit Accountants News Central
  • #1 Intuit Premier Reseller for the South East
  • Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 2014, 2015, and 2016 (out of 100,000)
  • Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor for 2017

Because of these QuickBooks certifications, Carrie and her staff have special access to a higher level of QuickBooks customer support within Intuit and many other accounting software vendors that she partners with.

Carrie started her career as a tax accountant working in a couple of different accounting firms. She doesn’t do taxes anymore, but she still frequently interfaces with other CPAs who perform the tax services for the client. Carrie holds a degree in accounting from the College of Charleston.

When Carrie is not working with clients, you will find her on early in the morning walk through the beautiful countryside. She lives in Florence, SC with her husband and children.


Paula Wattles

Customer & Partner Support Manager

Paula Wattles is the go to person for Complete Business Group and QuickBooks product expert for 6 years running. She handles everything from preparing sales quotes, support clients in selecting the right products, manages the sale process, places orders and schedules support sessions. She is certified in QuickBooks Point of Sale as well as QuickBooks Enterprise.

Prior to working at Complete Business Group, Paula was office manager for Pee Dee Drywall where she gained a strong background in bookkeeping as well as payroll. When Paula is not working she and her husband enjoy all day bicycling trips or hiking discovering nature in our local area, Florida or Maine. They also enjoy playing with their three darling grandchildren.

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Kimberly Mitchell

Intuit Channel Sales Manager

Kim has over ten years of experience at Intuit and is located at Intuit’s Fredericksburg, Virginia site. She has a talent for identifying customer’s needs and presenting appropriate product and service offerings. Kim demonstrates the ability to gain customer trust and provides exceptional follow-up, which leads to increased repeat and referral business.

Kim is the in-house expert for Intuit’s Order Management and Delivery System and whether you have a pre-sales question, a unique business need or just need a personal contact within Intuit, Kim is the “go to” person to help our team.

Intuit Reseller Program – Channel Sales Manager
South East & International

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Josh McMillan

Advanced Support/Lead Technician

Josh handles all Project management, implementation and workflow dealing with all quickbooks products. His focus is to customize QuickBooks to exactly fit the customer’s needs. He is a ProAdvisor Certified in Advanced Reporting, QBO, Enterprise, Pro/Premier, Point of Sale, and QuickBooks for Revel Point of Sale.

Joshua has a strong background on the public CPA side with Accounting, Bookkeeping and as a Controller both for Profit and Nonprofit companies.

When Joshua is not working, he enjoys Basketball, Bicycling trips, outdoor activities and traveling.

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Angela Rust

Marketing Manager

Angela is an innovative marketing leader with over 15 years of experience. She is managing the Complete Business Group marketing strategy and developing the Complete Business Partner Program.

She is a passionate marketing expert focused on sales, marketing and optimizing workflow for organizations.

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Joseph Darr

Intuit Payroll Account Manager

Joseph is our dedicated payroll specialist. He specializes on identifying specific product needs, system features and functions, and a “white glove” onboarding experience all CBG clientele receive. He has a background in Business Management / Corporate Finance and has been with Intuit for over 6 years. Every business running payroll, needs to have a system in place that they confide in and makes their job easier. Joseph will show you how that is possible! Apply Now for Intuit Payroll.

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George Madenian

Intuit Payment Solutions Sales Manager

George handles all of our Intuit Payment Solutions and well as merchant account needs. He helps our customers determine the best product to easily accept payments from their customers. He can discuss rates as well as walk you through a very brief application process.

These products are all RISK FREE and they NEVER make you sign a contract! Complete Business Group Customers receive our exclusive promotions as well as a free merchant services analysis. Apply Now for a QuickBooks Payments Account.

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