Ideas on how to use your landing page:

    Easy Ordering

    Share with your clients to streamline submitting orders

    Ways to Share

    • Use your custom URL on your email signature
    • Share on social media
    • Embed on your website

    What Happens After an Order is Placed

    1. As soon as an order is placed on your landing page, both you and your customer will receive an immediate email confirmation.
    2. CBG will process the order in our normal turnaround times.
    3. If the order is a request for more information, the client will be sent an instant email with instructions on the next steps.
    4. For Intuit orders, you may get an email directly from Intuit.
    5. CBG will send your client license and download instructions. You will receive a courtesy copy of the email we send.

    #1 Add your link to your email signature


    #2 Add your link to your website


    #3 Add your link to your "Find-a-ProAdvisor" profile page


    #4 Create a "Shop Now" Button on your Business Facebook Page

    On your company Facebook Page there should be a button that you can edit to contact you. Here is how we set up for Complete Business Group page.

    1. Click the button >select "Edit Button"
    2. Select "Shop Now" option, then click next
    3. Insert your landing page link, click save, then click finish
    4. Finally, test your button to be sure it goes to your landing page

    #5 Add your link to your LinkedIn Profile page