Using QuickBooks Payments Makes Collections a Thing of the Past

When used with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop you get the following benefits:

  • Lower swipe rate – use your GoPayment device to save money
  • E-invocing – send your client an electronic invoice so the client clicks a pay now link to pay their invoices fast and easy.
  • Flat rates – it doesn’t matter if your client uses American Express, Visa, Master Card, cards with points, you pay the rates listed below
  • CBG has special wholesales pricing, DO NOT click in product, order from us to get the lowest rates for your payments account!
  • GoPayment included allowing for mobile sales
  • WebStore option can be enabled to connect your shopping cart (See Details Below)
  • Payments automatically batch up at the end of the day making bank reconciliations a breeze.

    If you use QuickBooks Payments with Point of Sale you get these additional benefits:

    • Ability to take debit cards at discounted rate
    • Special discounts for purchasing Point of Sale software through CBG
    • EMV compliance – dip the card for full protection
    • Connect GoPayment to process Mobile sales and update your inventory automatically. Read more here.

      Please note: QuickBooks Point of Sale does not include E-Invoicing. You can add this ability by getting a second account for your financial software. For your clients that order “on account,” they can charge things through Point of Sale and pay later using financial software. 

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      QuickBooks Payments Rates for
      QuickBooks Online

      QuickBooks Payments Rates for
      QuickBooks Desktop

      QuickBooks Payments Rates for
      QuickBooks Enterprise and Point of Sale

      Go Payment

      • QuickBooks Payments is integrated in QuickBooks and includes GoPayment using the Quoted rates above
      • eInvoicing for no additional fees

      Orders can be placed through the approval email or by calling Customer Service, 800-607-7513, option 4.

      Readers have Bluetooth and USB Connection. They will work with both computer and phone, you get one free with a new account and additional readers are only $19 each.

      • QB Payments DOES NOT process international transactions for ACH.
      • They frown upon inter-company transfers and will consider these types of transactions as a Red Flag.
      • Your customers account can be closed by Risk and not reconsidered.

      Tip: when you have merchant accounts for one customer and they have different companies, make sure each one has a unique email address.


      • Bigcommerce
      • Shopify
      • Go Daddy
      • Ultra Cart
      • 3dcart
      • PDG Soft
      • Miva Merchants
      • Pro Stores
      • Network Solutions
      • PinnacleCart, Design Cart
      • Corecommerce
      • CS-Cart
      • VP-ASP
      • Shopp
      • SearchFit
      • SmartCart
      • X-Cart
      • ASecureCart
      • Mal’s Ecommerce
      Update on funding new accounts for QuickBooks Online

      As everyone is aware from time to time we update policies to keep pace with industry standards and payments best practices. Because of this, our payments team is in the process of changing our policy on credit card deposits. We are communicating this policy change as referenced below.

      1. Your first deposit will be held for review. This is part of the onboarding process to establish a credit limit. Expect this first deposit to show up within 5-7 business days. After that first deposit is successful, your account will processing faster, according to the plan you have subscribed.
      2. If we sent you an email to verify your identity please follow the instructions in your email. We need a few days to validate your identity.

      Marketing disclaimer content:
      As you start taking payments from your customers with QuickBooks, you should receive your first deposit  4-5 days after your first successful payment is received. The first deposit usually takes a little longer to establish the merchant account. Subsequent deposits are then processed according to your deposit schedule  Next day ACH deposits are subject to eligibility criteria.