How CBG saves you money in the longterm

Every day clients ask, “why should we buy from CBG? I can just call Intuit and get it cheaper, right?” That is not the case. CBG can offer lifetime discounts where Intuit often offers a heavy discount initially for the first year but then it goes up the MSRP. We are much cheaper if you plan to keep QuickBooks for more than a year. For example, we can give our clients a 20% discount for QuickBooks Enterprise for life. Some departments of Intuit can get this discount and some cannot. Work with us as certified proadvisors to get the consistent lifetime discount.

Many clients think that going to Intuit directly they are eliminating the middleman and we must be more expensive. That is also a misconception. CBG is an Intuit Premier Reseller. The reason we are cheaper is that we are in a small special group that is in the reseller program AND we are certified in all QuickBooks products. Our benefit is we are allowed to extend special lifetime discounts off of MSRP to our customers and can offer clients the same discounts that they can get by calling Intuit Direct.

Our specialty is we are a hands-on user of QuickBooks. We know the products, and we help our clients select the right product at the BEST price. We explain all options available when we meet with our clients and offer custom quotes.

CBG is both a reseller and Certified ProAdvisor. We can offer lifetime discounts off to our clients because of our certifications. We can also offer all the short term discounts you can get from Intuit. It’s the best of both worlds!

QuickBooks Enterprise Customers should be aware that Intuit sometimes sends marketing emails and promotional information even to our clients. We know it’s confusing. You get emails from us, and you may get emails from Intuit. Don’t worry, we have your back and can explain. It is great to stay informed, so we also want our clients to be aware that if they were to contact Intuit instead of CBG, they risk losing their lifetime discount code attached to their account if any changes are made. Always call CBG to make changes.

Intuit recently sent an email regarding introducing the new “QuickBooks Priority Circle.” This is a new department dedicated to Enterprise customers to improve their experience when contacting Intuit. At CBG we provide the same customer service for our clients. When you call the priority circle they will field your call to the right department. At CBG we can do the same thing. We can also audit your account and make sure you are in the right product with our special CBG Pricing.


  • QBES: Lifetime discounts off of MSRP vs. discounts that expire
  • QB Payments: Rates are a few % points lower than ordering in product
  • QB Assisted Payroll: 20% lifetime discount vs discounts that expire
  • QBO Full Service Payroll: 1 year discount with onboarding vs self boarding
  • QBO: 1 year discount 50% vs 6 month discount

Remember always to call CBG if you need to make any changes to your subscription. Changes include adding a seat, changing versions or anything where the pricing is involved.  The CBG team is here to ensure your special lifetime discount stays in place. If you need to make a change or place an order, you can do so here.