How to know if you are in the right software for your business

QuickBooks Pro & Premier have the same size limitations and are designed for small companies just starting out. Enterprise was designed for growing small businesses with an average range of 1-150 employees.

When comparing features with the online version you need to know these key differences:
  • Inventory tracking is available in all three versions is more robust that QBO.
  • You can create sales orders in Premier & Enterprise which cannot be done in QBO.
  • Labor costs can be tracked for job costing in all three versions and not in QBO.
  • You can open multiple company files using the same software whereas QBO requires additional subscriptions.

Keep in mind the file grows when you have a good workflow in your office such as creating customer/jobs to estimates to sales orders to invoices to invoice payments to bank deposit, creating vendors to purchase orders of inventory to bill receipt to bill to bill payment, time sheets to billable time for invoicing to payroll entries for employees.  Each one of these transactions makes searching easier and give you better information.  It also creates file growth.

File size considerations.

QBO, QB PRO & QB PREMIER all have similar file size limitations. They can hold around 100,000k

What are your options?  
  • QBO: Currently there is no clear path to shrinking a file so they suggest you delete.
  • QB Pro & Premier – can easily migrate to QBES.
  • QBES is designed to hold 10 times the file size as QB Pro & Premier. QBES is designed for growing small businesses whereas QB Pro & Premier are fine when you are new and don’t expect much growth.
  • Add Hosting and you can access QB Pro & Premier or QBES from anywhere with an internet connection.
PRO TIP: Even though there is an option to condense the file inside of all the desktop editions, we do not recommend doing this, as it will most likely corrupt your data file.
Instead, we recommend hiring to safely “shrink” your data file.
When comparing the two options of QBO vs QBDT we have several additional resources.  

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