Client Reviews

Carrie is one of Intuit’s “go-to” consultants in the state of South Carolina. Holding certifications in most all Intuit offerings, Carrie has the skills to help Intuit customers ranging from small retail stores using Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale to large growing businesses using Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. With a customer first attitude, Carrie always ensures that her customers are happy and more importantly usually goes above and beyond to ensure they are “WOW’d.” I highly recommend Carrie.Simon Pass, Sales Leader, Intuit Reseller Program
After 74 years as a strictly “pen and paper” business, we decided to try and join the 21st century and computerize! Carrie and Paula patiently walked us through the process. In the beginning we had quite a bit of trouble with our computers and Carrie and Paula spent countless hours working with the folks at Quick Books to resolve our problem. We are now up and running with QuickBooks Point of Sale and know that if we have any questions, Carrie and Paula are just a phone call away!Sharon, Office Manager Palmetto Furniture
We first hired Carrie when the company was in an accounting and software crisis. It was so bad we had trouble hiring anyone willing to even try. Carrie jumped in with both feet, very excited over the challenge and has done an outstanding, no, a superb job! No matter what time of day (or night) and weekends, I knew she was as close as the phone or email and she would have the problem done and taken care of. Her level of expertise and professionalism is second to none and an example to her industry.Michael Broyles, President Controlled Air
I just received your Cheat Sheets! WOW! You have saved me!!!! This is priceless! Jennifer Summers, Office Manager, Wholesale Boutique
I started with QuickBooks in January of 2006, everybody said it was simple. By June of 2006, I had my QuickBooks so screwed up that I didn’t know if I was coming or going, then I was referred to Carrie Kahn. She came to my office and straightened up all that I had messed up and made QuickBooks a pleasure to work with. If I have problems now, she logs in to my system and does all corrections in a matter of minutes. We track Inventory and accounts receivable and Carrie has saved me thousands of dollars by keeping my accounts receivable and Inventory accurate. I recommend her highly as a QuickBooks Enterprise expert and Accountant.Bucky Godbold, Owner & Manager, Farm Chemical Suppliers
My small business has been using QuickBooks Assisted Payroll for the past two years, at the end of this year we were convinced by one of the large payroll processing firms that we needed to switch. It didn’t take us long to realize that not only was it terribly expensive, we lost our integration, and found we were making a move backwards. We called Carrie Kahn of Complete Business Solutions to switch us back to QB Assisted payroll and help us deal with entering the payroll that had already been processed by the other company. Between Carrie’s knowledge of payroll, and her connections with Intuit, they were able to get us up and running in a matter of days. I would very strongly recommend QuickBooks Assisted Payroll to manage your payroll services. I saved money and got better support by using Complete Business Group instead of calling Intuit directly.Scott Cramer, Calico Ladder
After spending hours following the instructions and calling QuickBooks support repeatedly, we could never get our QuickBooks Online file to convert. We reached out to Carrie Kahn and the very day of our first conversation, Carrie was kind enough to rearrange her schedule and start working on the conversion immediately. Then Carrie helped us set up the file with a cloud host — another task that would have takenhours to research and then follow through with ourselves. Carrie’s help was critical to getting us back on task where we could focus on accounting and not technical problems.Margaret Rittenhouse, Accounting Manager, The Khabele School
We have used Carrie at our company to assist us with getting the most from our QuickBooks as well as supporting our efforts to get more from our investments in our existing line of business software. Carrie and her staff are very hard workers and have been a dream to work with. We freely recommend her to our clients and friends and look forward to getting even more services from their company in the future.Robby Hill, Technology Entrepreneur & City Councilman, Hillsouth
Having worked side-by-side with Carrie at Thomas & Company and as a business partner for many years since then, I know that Carrie was a pioneer in QuickBooks. Carrie knew QB inside and out before many had even heard of it. Now, she is my go-to contact for the most complex client QB issue; she is truly an expert. Carrie has been so successful in demonstrating how QB and all of its applications work not just for small businesses, but for large companies, too.Cynthia M. Davis
Carrie has been a valuable resource for my business. I’ve had accountants over the years that seemed to be complacent in analyzing my business. Carrie immediately noticed several problems and provided me with the corrections and answers. Just the minor adjustments that were first made, saved my company a couple thousand a year. Following changes saved my company even more money. Money is not everything… Carrie set me on a better path of managing through my Quickbooks.Jeff Woodard, Woodard's Automotive Repair, Inc
As the owner of Charleston Collections & Gifts, I’m writing to give you the highest level of compliments on Josh McMillan, who has been working with me and my company for several months. I had purchased QB POS and QB Financial from a different vendor, and the way that advisor set everything up initially and instructed us regarding workflow was incorrect on almost every level.

Josh was able to expediently find the many errors and correct them and also provided comprehensive training on how to use the system the right way in the most efficient manner. His thorough knowledge of all aspects of running a business, in addition to his software and accounting background, was a perfect fit for the established small business that I purchased and want to modernize and expand.

In addition, Josh has a wonderfully personable, calming, and professional demeanor which made me feel comfortable relying on him to get our issues sorted out. I feel very fortunate to have been paired with him to get through this transition. He has without a doubt proven himself to be among the best and brightest, and I’m sure you feel the same way about having him on your team.

At this point, I feel comfortable that the errors that were initially introduced by the first company have been satisfactorily resolved, and my store manager and I have been thoroughly trained on using the software and are comfortable with day-to-day processes. However, I am also glad to know that I still have a resource in Josh and CBG should questions or issues arise in the future.

Finally, thank you for providing this type of service to businesses like mine. I wish I had found CBG over a year ago when I began researching and implementing our system, and I searched high and low on the internet and through word of mouth. If I may offer one observation without overstepping, I think it would be very beneficial to clients like me if somehow your SEO could be optimized to make it easier to find CBG during an online search. From what I have experienced through working with Josh, CBG definitely deserves to be seen front and center!

Thank you again for providing exactly the services and support my business needed and for sending Josh our way!
Suzanne Orr, Charleston Gifts