Simplifying the Intuit QuickBooks Two-Step Online Verification Process

In today’s technology dependent way of life, online security has simultaneously been literally a lifesaver and the bane of our “password changing and security question remembering” existence for some of us, if not most of us. Especially as business owners, where not only our daily life is affected but our complete livelihood, as well. Intuit QuickBooks Online has gone to great lengths to protect who we are and what we do. Most recently, they have enabled the “two-step” online verification process that required a six-digit security code to complete the login process. However, if you don’t want another thing to have to remember, there is a way to give your brain a little “password, random life event question and numerical code remembering” break.

Our cell phones have become an extra appendage to our person. Next to the necessity of air and water, it’s pretty much a scientific fact that if we didn’t have it attached to us we would go into some sort of life altering shock (just kidding it’s not actually a scientific fact, but it’s certainly an undeniable reality). If you find yourself breaking out into cold sweats and panic attacks reminiscent of your old college Finals Week at the thought of having to remember one more thing or seeing one more email pop up in your inbox, why not add another element of essential technology sustenance and enable the feature to send you the code via text.

There are several different ways to login to your merchant service center but the easiest way to find this feature is:

Step 1. Login to the account manager by going here:
Step 2. Click the security tab on the left-hand side.
Step 3. Find the “Two-Step Verification” option and opt to “Turn On”
Step 4. (this is the MAGIC SAUCE) Choose receive the one-time passcode via Text (or voice mail if you are old school like that) and click “Turn On”
Step 5 – Enter your magic ONE TIME code and hit “Continue”

BOOM! Mission Complete!

All that being said, if you feel you are secure enough, just disable it. All you have to do is follow the steps above when you get to Step 3 click “Turn Off.” BAM…Two steps saved, just like that!

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