Revel, The #1 iPad Point of Sale Solution

QuickBooks and Revel Systems have teamed up to give your business the power of the #1 iPad Point of Sale and the #1 Accounting Solution in the market.

REVEL WORKS FOR ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS allowing owners to effectively monitor business performance while tracking inventory levels in real-time, giving you all the tools you need to grow your business faster.

Revel is an advanced all-in-one solution tailored to meet the needs of every industry, including quick service restaurants, retail shops and table service restaurants & bars. It includes a full suite of tools, from inventory management, real-time reporting, employee scheduling, mobile ordering, ensuring your business is set up for success. All right from the convenience of your iPad!

 Quick Service (watch demo)

Accelerate speed of service, process orders fast and add as many modifiers to your menu item as needed with Revel iPad POS.

Restaurant & Bar (watch demo)

Turn tables faster and expedite orders with Revel iPad POS using ingredient level inventory, table timers, table layouts and more.

Retail (watch demo)

Enhance the shopping experience with Revel iPad POS using Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loyalty programs, inventory control and more.



Revel integrates with QuickBooks, a very powerful tool for your business saving you time and increased accuracy since all of your transactions are automatically reconciled. You can easily manage your business finances and accounting on a single platform with Revel’s QBO and QBDT integration. Revel includes Inventory Management, Central management and Real-time reporting that ensures Revel can meet your current and future needs. Your business should always grow, but should never outgrow your POS. The other important feature is the back office, you can manage your QuickBooks account from anywhere, you are not limited to your desktop.

Always On Mode

No other iPad based POS system has pure offline mode. Process transactions even if the Internet is down. Clients finally have access to a more reliable POS system than any other on the market. Whether your internet slows down or there is a power outage, Revel ensures your business continues to process payments.

Revel’s hybrid architecture allows transaction processing to happen locally, leading to faster transactions.You can process sales anywhere with on the go access.

Robust Software
Revel iPad POS provider has large clients such as major retail chains and restaurants making it able to handle high volume of transactions. Others don’t have robust enough architecture and software to handle this. Revel is the only iPad system provider that can handle these types of high-volume.

Easy Training

Revel is a plug and play solution that is very easy to use so you can eliminate the worry about training employees. You will be up and running in no time. Revel has an Intuitive interface making it very easy for staff to use.


Revel is PCI Compliant. Every other iPad system uses non-compliant hardware. Choosing a secure POS is integral to your business to protect customers data and help avoid fines for being out of compliance. You can have peace of mind with Revel’s security benefits.

Revel Support is offered for free to get started and assist with installation and they offer 24/7 customer support. This is huge when customers need help and you are not available to assist them. It also saves you time as they will contact Revel for all support needs with their software. Finally, there is a training library of videos available for step by step instructions on how to set up everything they would need for their business.


How to get started …

Contact us for a custom quote and to schedule a complimentary consultation and demo specific to your business needs. When you are ready to purchase, we advise our clients to plan for a two week lead time to get your equipment and unique URL before you can begin setup. Then the configuration is completed by Revel Support. We will be there to facilitate the process from start to finish.

Don’t miss the opportunity to save on your merchant fees but bundling your hardware with QB Payments. Not only do you get better rates with QB Payments when paired with Revel, but when you use your QB Payments account, you get cash back to offset the costs of your POS hardware. Unlike other merchant accounts, QuickBooks Payments never locks you into a contract so we always encourage our customers to try it out. To apply for a QB Payments account, click here.

When you are ready to place your order with Complete Business Solutions, click here to order today. For more information or to schedule a consultation email info@completebusinessgroup.com.

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