11 Apps To Make Your Business More Productive in 2019

To achieve work-life balance, we need technology. At CBG, we use dozens of apps every day that have helped transform our business. Each year we share our favorite apps that helped to make life easier and more productive.

QuickBooks Third-Party Apps

If you are looking for a way to do more with QuickBooks, there are many solutions to amplify your accounting Software. There are many options to choose from for a full range of business needs. These are our top apps for 2019 that we use daily for Complete Business Group.


QB Payments is incredible because it integrates with your QuickBooks Software. The payments rates with CBG are lower than clicking in the software andGoPayment uses your swipe rate. Bookkeeping is seamless with the integration as it flows into undeposited funds. Want a Quote? Ready to apply?


This app is the most advanced way to send an invoice to a client with a “pay now” link. It connects with QBO, QBDT, QBES and uses QB Payments. Bookkeeping is much easier. You can add a link to your website for clients to access their portal. Clients have the flexibility to pay the full amount of the invoice, make a partial payment or set up a payment plan. They can even use multiple credit cards to make a payment. You can send a statement or sales order with a link to pay and MUCH MORE. Try it for Free for 30 Days.


This app is the most advanced way to pay bills to your vendor. It connects with QBO, QBDT, QBES and allows you to pay via check or EFT. Bookkeeping is much easier. You can schedule bill payments, set up approvals on bills, have vendors email bills making it easier to input directly to bill.com. EARN up to $250 rebate just for trying it!.


At CBG we use this product to host our QuickBooks Enterprise Software. We love their responsive support and the ease of working in remote locations. It starts at $52 per month. Sign up for skyline hosting here. Select BYOL (Bring your own license). As your QuickBooks reseller, if you need any upgrades or products, please order software from us here.


It’s an excellent app for tracking time by employees. You can tag to a job and easily bill back to the client. Employees love the ease of use by being able to clock in on their cell phones or computer. If you require your employees to clock in while working, it cuts down on lost billable time or even helps you analyze what they are doing as well as how long it is taking them. Click here for free trial & request a demo.


Even though we love payroll setup and filing payroll tax returns, we just don’t have the time to do the work. QuickBooks offers a cost-effective way to have integrated payroll in your software while being tax compliant. Learn more


Veem is a next-generation platform for business-to-business payments internationally. This enables businesses to send and receive payments in local currency with a few simple steps using our unique multi-rail technology across several global networks.


Sales tax is hard. Avalara makes it easy. They have a fully automated, cloud-based solution for transaction tax compliance across the U.S. and throughout the world. We recommend Avalara to clients as a solution when they sell in multiple states or may have a complicated sales tax. Set up a free demo.

Apps to Improve Productivity

All the apps in this group are apps we use to be more productive and save time. They will make it easier to run your business smoothly. Productivity tools allow you to stay focused and make sure you do not forget an important task.


Insightly CRM helps you keep your day organized by staying on top of projects and opportunities for our clients. We love the activity sets and pipelines. It allows you to keep a history of what you have done for a client so when you need to revisit a project, you don’t have to waste time researching. In addition, it is also great for teams. You can and assign tasks to different team members and track their progress. This helps avoid wasting time checking in with your team over emails. You can open a client project and instantly know exactly what is going on and what needs to be done. The workflow and task manager helps you keep things from falling through the cracks. Test drive Insightly for 30 days free and get a discount if you decide to sign up.


We store all of our team files in a shared Google Drive folder. This gives us access anywhere we need them and allows our team to collaborate. It is great at managing files. You can easily drag-and-drop files between folders, and search through your files and Google Docs in one place.


We use Zapier automation with our Insightly CRM. Instead of copying and pasting data, Zapier does it automatically. We have designed workflow to tie everything together. It is a powerful way to automate tedious tasks so you can focus on more important work.

We hope our app review helped you find a few new apps for your business. This is a brief list of the many apps that are available. We try to share some of the ones we love and use because we can stand behind them. If there is some other issue that you are struggling with contact us, we can help you find the right solution for your business needs.

Let us know if we can help support you. You can book a consultation with our team here.