What’s new in QuickBooks 2017 Desktop Edition?

We have reviewed the new QuickBooks 2017 and are excited to report the new features found. All features are included in QuickBooks Pro/Premier and Enterprise unless marked “Enterprise Only”. If you are interested in pricing be sure to see our pricing page here. What is the difference between the different options? Learn more here.

Summary of Updates for QuickBooks 2017:

  1. Single User Notification: Enterprise Only
  2. Search Improvements – Not just left to right but searches within titles.
  3. In Between Amount Search (time saver)
  4. Customer/Vendor Type filter
  5. Report Customization Improvement (Helpful when editing custom reports)
  6. Deleted Users in Audit Trail: (GREAT UPDATE!)
  7. Select Accounts in Search (Big time saver)
  8. Record Deposits Icon
  9. Cleared Flag on Credit Card Charge (FINALLY!!)
  10. Company Name now on Deposit Summary (Great for Multi Company)
  11. Copy & Paste in time sheets (Big Time Saver)
  12. Multi-User Features ENTERPRISE ONLY (NICE!)
  13. New Feature Tour
  14. Scheduled Reports (Game Changer)

We have a step-by-step guide that you can download with details of our highlights above for each update. Download Now.

If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a free demo please contact us here.