Whats new in QuickBooks Point of Sale v18

QuickBooks Point of Sale Desktop has come a long way over the years and remains the tried and true Point of Sale system that integrates with QuickBooks financial software, QuickBooks Payments and QuickBooks Payroll making it a winning combination for your Retail Store. At the end of your sales day, you can sync with your QuickBooks financial software which reduces double entries saving time and errors.

With the new v18, you use the ultra-portable device to free up counter space and check inventory from anywhere in the store by using the Microsoft Surface Pro. Inside the Point of Sale system, you have a powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) which provides enhanced customer information including to see if they have available credit, a balance due, or if there is a special deal you can extend to them. Their sales history will be at your fingertips.

With powerful reporting, you can see what is selling and what is not by customizable dates. Your inventory is updated with each sale, return and order. You can instantly view what is in stock, what needs reordering and what’s selling fast! If you set reorder points, you can automatically create purchase orders, so you do not run out of inventory and lose a sale! With the Professional edition, you can track advanced features such as layaway, sales order, and work orders. You can also add serial and UPC numbers to control your inventory management.

We recommend using the integrated QuickBooks Payments feature which can streamline your sales process. The payments reconcile right inside your QuickBooks reducing manual data entry, saving you time and errors. The rates are super competitive you have an option of pay as you go or a low monthly fee for discounted rates. The best part is you can test it out and see how you like it. There are no cancellations fees, and often the software purchase is discounted when bundled with payments.

The new v18 is EMV compliant which means that if a client wants to use a chip ready card, you will be all set to accept the card and not worry about your liability when using the software, QuickBooks payments, and the EMV ready equipment. This protects your business from fraud. Learn more in our article on EMV Compliance.

Another feature that is included in QuickBooks payments is GoPayment which allows you to accept payments on a mobile device. This device can be an iPad, iPhone or Android. Its powerful feature is that it can sync up with your Point of Sale inventory! GoPayment uses your already lower rates for QuickBooks Payments. Here is an article on GO Payment that deals with Point of Sale and Inventory.


If you haven’t seen QuickBooks Point of Sale v18 lately, let us schedule a demo for you. Some of the advancements include increased performance, faster start-up times, improved workflows, simplified searching, and the ability to multitask as you move from screen to screen. Click here to complete our client intake form so we can match you with one of our Point of Sale experts your free consultation call and or demo.