What is an Intuit Solution Provider? Why do I need one?

The best business decision we ever made was to commit to the Intuit Solution Provider program in 2008.  It is an exclusive channel where you have to prove that you are able to provide advanced support, and in return they allow us to sell products at the best prices available.  We are also required to pay a large annual fee to prove our commitment to the program.

We have always used QuickBooks products and have supported them for over 20 years.

Everyone has heard about QuickBooks and most about the ProAdvisor program but few seem to know what the Intuit Solution Provider program is all about. We are known as members of the ISP channel and that acronym has confused people because they have heard the word but it usually means Internet service provider.

In QuickBooks and Intuit we are a very important component of their sales force. We are on the ground, local sales and support with access to tremendous Intuit resources!  There are only 500 ISPs in the channel, 1500 Advanced Certified ProAdvisors and 15,000 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

We get US based support at the highest level available!  We are able to get answers that you are not able to by calling over seas support.

We get promotions and our own specialists for integrated QuickBooks payroll as well as for QuickBooks Merchant services. Our promotions are incredible and only available to us as Intuit Solution Providers.  Save time, save money, and get you back to business.

Our biggest competition is not each other, it is “direct”. Many people think they can get a better deal if they call directly to Intuit, or go to a discount warehouse. That is not often the case.   Most of the times the customer ends up buying more than they need or the wrong thing.

Instead of navigating the waters alone and buying something you don’t need or won’t do what you want, contact an Intuit Solution Provider. If we can’t help you in your particular industry we have 500 other ISPs to call on.

Instead of competing with each other we balance out each other by announcing our specialties and a good ISP wants you to have success even if we have to refer you to someone else.

Direct sales are only sales people they are unable to help you with support.

Please support your local economy and call an Intuit Solution Provider, you won’t be sorry you did!