What is a QuickBooks add on product?

QuickBooks has taken the accounting software industry by storm! It has become the standard just as the iPod has become the standard in multimedia players.

What QuickBooks does really well is handle the back end accounting. This is basically your check book, accounts payable (money out), accounts receivable (money in), and inventory. (running from 199-7,000)

Now the programmers have shifted their focus from creating a program that does it all, (running anywhere from $50,000-100,000) to creating add on programs that work seamlessly with QuickBooks. (rates vary)

Complete Business Solutions works hard to find good add on products to eliminate double entry making you more efficient in saving you time and money.

Give us a call for a free analysis to see what add-on products could work for you and then schedule demos so you can see them in action.

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