Want to know a Secret about GoPayment?

WE HAVE A SECRET TO SHARE…. Did you know that GoPayment is now bundled with QB Payments?

Go Payment is mobile and gives you the ability to accept credit card payments anywhere. That is old news, but what most of our clients don’t know is that it is included for free with their QuickBooks payments account. The best part is there is NO additional fees or contract required.


Since GoPayment now comes with your QuickBooks payment account, it all batches together automatically for you making reconciliation a breeze. All transactions sync up with Quickbooks Point of Sale products to help you fully manage your business. It is much easier now to reconcile as the payments are now integrated and batched together to make deposits automatically in your bank.

Another fun fact is that when GoPayment is used with QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop v12, it allows you to sell products that are in your inventory it syncs back and updates your master list. This is a new feature that not everyone has picked up on.

When you realize the significant savings that the integration feature offers, even if your rates are slightly lower, the savings is tremendous due to the ease of reconciliation and reduction of errors as well as time saved by your bookkeeper.


QuickBooks Payments has simplified their pricing, it’s simply swiped vs keyed. These rates are for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Everyone knows about Square but did what they don’t know is that GoPayment uses your SWIPE rates. Its important to understand the difference between swipe rates and keyed rates. A swipe transaction is when your customers is physically present and you swipe their card then verify their identity. There is less risk for swiped transactions therefore the rate is lower for swipe rates. Keyed rates are…you guessed it, manually keyed in transactions. There is an added convince in a pinch but there is more risk for fraud so the banks charge higher rates. You should be aware of this before you conduct business so you can make informed decisions and not get a surprise when you are charged much more for credit card processing fees that you expected.

In addition, you should make sure that your rates are competitive and there are no hidden fees. Some banks offer teaser rates but then charge additional fees so when you weigh it out, you could end up spending more in the long term. They also make you sign a long term contract, often with a termination fee if you cancel. QuickBooks Payments never makes you sign a long term contract, there isn’t a termination fee to cancel, they make it easy to try and see the benefits without all the hassle of a bank.

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