Resolve to Add Intuit Merchant Services in 2014

One of the best ways to boost income in the next year is by accepting customer payments from any device.

By now, you probably have a pretty clear idea of what your company’s goals for 2014 are. “Make more money” is likely one of them. There are plenty of ways to go about that, but if you’re not yet accepting credit and debit card payments within QuickBooks and elsewhere, you’re missing one of the easier ones.

Intuit Merchant Services offers numerous ways to get paid quickly, wherever you are. If you have an internet connection and an account, you can accept payments from customers.

In QuickBooks. You know what a hassle it is to deal with paper checks. They get lost. They get coffee spilled on them. And there are all of those trips to the bank. Even if you’re using Intuit Check Solution for QuickBooks, processing checks is time-consuming. Scanning and depositing the checks themselves takes time, but you also have to wait for the payment to come in through the mail.

Xtra 1213 image 1

Figure 1: You can receive credit card payments from customers within QuickBooks.

When you sign up for an Intuit Merchant Services account, you can store your customers’ credit card data in their QuickBooks records. Then when you process an incoming remittance on the Receive Payments screen, you only have to select that stored card option to record the transaction. You can even include a link on electronic invoices that lets customers enter their credit card information to pay instantly.

It sounds easy, and it is – once you get everything set up. Since you’ll be dealing with multiple accounts and authorizing transactions that move through multiple financial institutions, you need to get it right from the start. We can walk you through all of the setup procedures to ensure accuracy and compliance.

From any web browser. Once you’ve signed up for an Intuit Merchant Services account, you can turn any PC with an internet connection into an Intuit Online Terminal. Enter the credit card details, and once the transaction is authorized, you can print or email a receipt.

Through the Merchant Service Center. An Intuit Merchant Services account includes access to the Intuit Merchant Service Center, where you can charge a card directly. You can process numerous types of transactions here and run reports, but some of these activities – like reversing transactions – are complex and can create problems if they’re not done exactly right. Talk to us before attempting to do anything beyond charging a card here. And there are better, easier ways to perform that simple activity.

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Figure 2: You can charge a card from within the Intuit Merchant Service Center, but let us help if you need to use any of its other tools.

From your mobile device. Intuit’s GoPayment app lets you charge a credit card wherever you and your smartphone are. Using the optional card reader, you can even swipe your customers’ bank cards. Your purchase data can then be synced with QuickBooks.

On your web store. You can’t have a successful online storefront without accepting credit and debit cards. It’s how people shop on the web. Intuit Merchant Service for Web Stores works with a number of ecommerce vendors, allowing your site visitors to pay with a card, and then sending your transaction information back to QuickBooks. We can help you ensure that this vital connection is set up correctly.

Using QuickBooks Point of Sale. If you have a physical retail storefront, you can use your Intuit Merchant Services account to accept bank cards from your in-store customers through QuickBooks Point of Sale Software. This solution has a seamless connection to QuickBooks.

There’s a fee to establish and maintain an Intuit Merchant Services account and additional fees for individual transactions. If you’ve never worked with credit cards as a vendor before, this can all be rather confusing. Let us walk you through all of the steps and associated fees to get set up. The ability to accept credit and debit cards will undoubtedly boost your sales in 2014.