POS software v9


POS v9

The last day to sell POS v9 will be May 1, 2012. The Payments Business Unit has made a strategic decision to discontinue the sale of POS v9 (new, add a seat/store) with the impending launch of POS 2013 this summer. In the short term v10 is a robust and stable product that has proven itself in the marketplace and in combination with the launch of version protection we have a very compelling message to lead with for customers and prospects.

POS v8

What: We will not be discontinuing POS v8 Support in Intuit’s fiscal year 2012 (Aug ’11 – July ’12).

Why: We would like to provide impacted customers with the best possible experience and feel that POS 2013 is the product that should be offered. Offering POS 2013 during this year’s discontinuation timeframe was not possible.

When: We will be discontinuing POS v8 Support with POS v9 Support during next years discontinuation cycle in Intuit’s fiscal year 2013 (Aug ’12-July ’13).