QuickBooks DESKTOP POINT OF SALE To be discontinued October 2023

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    You have several options to continue:

    1. Stay with desktop Point of Sale with a new merchant provider
    2. Migrate to Shopify
    3. Migrate to Lightspeed (X-Series)

    All of these options have different outcomes, let our team discuss these with you and help you navigate the journey. Be sure to work with CBG to signup for these services because you will receive our special pricing and onboarding support.

    What's Happening with QuickBooks Point of Sale


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    New Point of Sale
    Option offered by CBG

    Lightspeed Retail (X-Series) was designed to be easy to use. However, our launch packages are specifically designed to get you started faster. Together with a dedicated Lightspeed expert, you’ll build a transition plan specifically for your business, team, and timeline to ensure that you hit the ground running with confidence.