Making Bills Paid with Credit show on Bill Payment Stub in #QuickBooks

Making Bills Paid with Credit to Show on Bill Payment Stub of Printed Check


Bills paid fully with credits do not show on Bill Payment stub of printed check.  Only bills that have an outstanding balance show on the Bill Payment stub.
  • QuickBooks is working as designed.

Solution Description

Work Around:
1.  When applying the credit to the bill, leave a small amount to be paid by the check.
2.  Apply the remainder of the credit to the other bills, again leaving a small amount to be paid on each bill.
3.  Select the bills that you want to pay with the Check. Click the Pay Selected Bills button.
4.  Click the Print Checks button.
5.  Here is what the check in QuickBooks will look like.
6.  Here is what the printed check will look like.