Locked into a merchant service contract? Why?

Just recently I was talking to a client asking them how they are accepting credit cards. I was surprised to hear that in the course of five months they’ve had two merchant service providers. One didn’t show up so they cancelled. They had to pay 295 to get out of the contract. They have signed up with another company, signing yet another contract.

I asked “why are you signing contracts?”. I was told “oh you have to.”. I said “NO YOU DON’T”

In fact you do not have to sign a contract with our services. We offer no contracts, try for two months for free, and the rates are either the same or most of the time – better.

Here is another piece of advice I say to all my customers – do you have any idea how much you are really paying in credit card fees? I would guess you only kind of know that you were offered a good deal. The system is designed to confuse you so you just force your books to balance, meanwhile you are paying more than you need to.

Here is my question, why would you sign a contract, locking you into rates that are often higher than ours, then you have to pay to get out of it? Seems pretty sneaky to me.

I would love feedback.

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