IPN is gone, what are my options?

If you have the new QuickBooks Payments, there is a free feature included called e-Invoicing. It allows you to email your customer an invoice with a pay now link. Your customer simply clicks this link to pay an invoice, using ACH (Automatic Clearing House) or credit card payment options. The benefits are tremendous because your customers pay it quickly and in the background tasks are being done automatically. This feature integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier, Enterprise and QuickBooks Online.



All payments made using the new QuickBooks Payments are all batched together, whether you key it in manually to the invoice or it’s paid using e-invoicing. All you have to do is click Banking, make deposits and your screen will appear showing these merchant service deposits batched together making it easy to select for deposit. This feature makes it easy tie back to the actual deposit as shown on your bank statement, making reconciliation a breeze.

FEATURES FROM OLD IPN not found in e-invoicing:

  1. The ability to put a link on your website to pay an invoice
  2. Ability to pay less than the amount of the invoice
  3. Reminders

GOOD NEWS! These missing features can be found in an app we use at Complete Business Group called “Bill & Pay”. Here are some other popular requested features available in this app:

You can setup recurring ACH charges for invoicing monthly customers. There is a very low fee for ACH vs credit card processing fees so many businesses like this feature.

You can setup a payment plan with your customer and have them agree to it via electronic signature. This is especially helpful for invoices of a large amount that need to be spread out over time. Within this payment plan the customer can choose between credit card and ACH then have the payment deducted automatically.

This is a very popular request. If your customers like paying from a statement, like a private school where charges are added throughout the month, for example school lunches, you can send an itemized statement, with a pay now link.

If you simply need a quick pay now link feature and offer the flexibility of ACH and or Credit Cards, then e-invoicing will work for you. It’s FREE with QuickBooks Payments. However if you need additional features, as you were used to having with your old IPN account that you were paying $19.95 per month, we recommend using the app Bill & Pay, to give you back the same functionality and much, much more!.

Click here to download our matrix comparing e-invoicing with IPN and Bill & Pay. Want to try Bill & Pay free for 30 days? Click here.