Invoices with a PAY NOW link help you Get Paid FAST

If you want to speed up your collections on invoices in an easy way, we highly recommend sending your clients an invoice with an embedded “PAY NOW” link.  

To get this feature, you need to sign up for QuickBooks Payments. This allows you to receive payments from your clients by simply keying it in right over the phone, swiping it, or emailing your client an invoice using the feature called E-INVOICING.

E-INVOICING is simple. You email an invoice, and your client can click the link to enter their payment of choice: credit card or ACH.  

If you have more advanced needs but want to retain the smooth integration of QB Payments and integrate with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise, we recommend a third-party app called Bill & Pay.

HERE are KEY reasons that a client would want to convert to this app and pay the monthly fee.
  1. Payment Portal embedded in a website: The ability to put a link on your website to pay an invoice. Clients love to be able to go to your website to log in to their account to see history or even better, make a payment!  
  2. History: Client’s can log in to their account to see all their history, you can have up to 3 years worth. Instead of having to resend invoices, print, and mail, you can always direct them to their own account to print or lookup.
  3. Payment Plan: Being able to set up a payment plan. You can electronically agree to simple terms with payment on an invoice. An example would be if a client cannot pay a large invoice and needs to spread over 90 days.
  4. Statements: Sending your client a statement with a pay now link. This feature is especially useful for schools.  For parents when a child charges on their account every day for lunch, books, fees, tuition, and so forth, the parent would prefer all the month’s charges in one place rather than an electronic invoice for every $1.25 charge.
  5. Reminders. You can customize the templates and have emails set up to remind your clients to pay. They can start off gentle and end strong as time goes on. It’s really up to you how you set these up if you activate this feature.
  6. Orders. Send sales orders with a pay now link PLUS the ability for the client to sign.

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