How to Use GoPayment Reader with QuickBooks Desktop v18

If you need mobile payments in your business you need to be sure to set up your GoPayment reader so you never miss a sale. GoPayment gives you the ability to accept payments anywhere.

Here are the steps to using Gopay reader with QuickBooks Desktop V18 and newer:

Step 1.

Select “Receive Payments” or “Sales Receipt” in QuickBooks Desktop V18 or newer

Step 2.

Select customer and enter payment amount.

  • Note – Customers can select an open invoice to pay and close on this screen.


Step 3.

Click on Visa

  • Click on Insert/Swipe Card
  • Or hand key the card info if the card is not present.


Step 4. Insert or swipe.

  • Insert will be required if the chip is present.

Step 5. Hit process.

  • Enter name and CVV.
  • Done!

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