How to pay 941 Tax directly through #QuickBooks.

If you are setup to pay your 941 payroll tax payments online, and you have a payroll subscription through QuickBooks, you can pay these directly through QuickBooks without having to have the extra double step.  Eliminate double entry!!

Here is how to set it up:

While in single user mode – Click on employees, payroll taxes & liabilities, edit payment due date, then edit 940 tax and 941 tax, and edit.  Switch the payment deposit method to E-Pay.  Then select the proper payment frequency.  After you have set these to E-Pay, then you have to enable the checking account to E-Pay.  Edit the checking account and enter the routing and account information, click finish.

Then when you make your next payment, it will default to E-Pay.  In order to process you will need to enter the same user name and passwords/pins as you have on the Internal Revenue Website.

To follow the flow, click Employees, payroll taxes and liabilities, and click view E-payment history.

If you need any support using the payroll features or subscriptions, be sure to give us a call or send us an email so that you set it up right!  Complete Business Solutions 1-800-541-8744 Ext 2 or email