How to Leverage Partnerships to Unlock the Power of QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks boasts an impressive array of products. Its diverse offerings enable business owners to achieve a wide range of financial and operational tasks. When you augment QuickBooks with the right stack of apps and connections, its capabilities become even more powerful. There are thousands of additional applications, over a dozen financial options, and several integrated products that make QuickBooks an end-to-end solution that can truly impress your clients.

What This Means for QuickBooks ProAdvisors

As a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, this extensive range of tools is both exciting and daunting. With so many applications and QuickBooks options available, it’s impossible to master everything. At the QuickBooks Connect conference, Brad Smith advised ProAdvisors to “build your wolf pack.” By this, he meant creating a team of experts you can collaborate with when you need support.

Being part of a network of specialists allows you to handle leads and projects outside your expertise. Instead of turning away business, you can leverage your partnerships to navigate challenging projects successfully.

Building Your Support Network

As you build your support network, identify the expertise you bring to the table. Consider what areas you specialize in. While you don’t have to limit yourself to a single niche, focus on the types of projects you enjoy and excel at. Reflect on past projects that brought you joy and garnered praise from customers—these are your areas of expertise.

For example, one area I excel in is cleanup. I love organizing messy books, reconciling accounts to the penny, setting up inventory correctly, and ensuring payroll is accurate. While I can support other areas, these tasks bring me great joy. When you love what you do and become a leading expert in that area, you can provide exceptional service and become the go-to person for those projects.

Managing Bandwidth and Collaboration

As you improve your skills, you may encounter bandwidth issues. What should you do? As you expand your support network, you may find others who share your interests and expertise. Collaborate with them, pass projects back and forth, and ensure your existing customers do not suffer from overcommitment. Aim to under-promise and over-deliver to exceed customer expectations.

Creating End-to-End Solutions

When creating an end-to-end solution for your customer, you may need additional resources to fill gaps. Present a united front when collaborating with other experts. Develop marketing materials that highlight both your solutions and your team. Many options include product purchases, and if you’re a ProAdvisor who accepts commissions and residuals, partner programs can significantly boost your bottom line.

Becoming a Certified ProAdvisor and Joining Partner Programs

At a minimum, become a certified ProAdvisor to appear in “find a ProAdvisor” searches. Ensure you charge appropriately for your level of expertise. Identify your preferred vendors and join a partner program with a QuickBooks reseller. These programs offer commission sharing and can help you select the right products while passing on low prices to your clients. Partner programs also provide opportunities to meet and collaborate with other experts in your field.

Learn more about the CBG partner program to further expand your network and expertise. By leveraging partnerships, you can unlock the full potential of QuickBooks software and provide exceptional value to your clients.


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