Hate the new desktop view in QuickBooks 2013? How to fix!

This is a very brief email concerning QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise Software 2013.


For those of you that upgraded you have noticed that it looks completely different from prior years.  The functionality is there but it has a different design.  After LOTS of feedback, they have updated the program to include settings that you can do to make the screen look more like you are used to.


Here is how:


1) Press F2 and see what release you are on.  Make sure you are on at least R5.  If not, click help and update QuickBooks.


2) Select View on the menu across the top and you will have three choices:

a) top view

b) left view

c) right view


The default is “left view” and what you are used to is “top view”.  Simply click on Top View to select it.  It should now have a check mark next to it.


View Menu Detail
3) Click Edit, Preferences and select Desktop View.  Select “Switch to colored icons/light background on the top icon bar.


V13 Desktop View Preference