Do you have a gut feel that something isn’t quite right with your QuickBooks setup or file structure?

Are you getting an error message you don’t understand?
Do you feel uneasy about the accuracy of your financial statements?
Do you feel QuickBooks could run or be used more efficiently?
Have you ever made a decision based on information you later found to be wrong?
Do you feel like you are under utilizing the reports and management tools your financial management software offers? Do you even know what reports are available to you?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re certainly not alone. Research shows that eight out of 10 businesses are in the same boat!

A great starting point for many clients is our Data Analysis service. It will help us go inside your file and review common problem areas. We check the health of the data file as well as review the structure and setup. When the review is complete, we provide you with a report of our findings and suggestions.

It’s often real helpful in the beginning of a project to do this analysis because it also helps us create a scope of work for the project to agree on what we want to accomplish.

Our QuickBooks data analysis service, at a nominal cost of $500, includes:

• Secure and confidential data transfer.
• Professional data file analysis.
• Expert review of the findings.
• Detailed written report of the findings and recommendations.
• Proposed corrective action, if needed.

Ready to have your data analyzed?
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