Customize Tool Bar in QuickBooks, my Favorite Trick!!

This is my favorite trick! Do you find yourself pulling up the same report every day? I found I liked to look at the unpaid invoices that customers owed me. I would click on reports, accounts receivable, unpaid invoices. I would stretch columns, might even customize, next thing I knew I accidentally hit escape and would start over.

Well then I found out about clicking view and removing icons on the tool bar that I didn’t use. (You can find all these things in the drop down window anyway.) With your report open, you click view and it gives you the option to add this report to the tool bar. You can rename it a small name like “open A/R” to leave room for other reports.

If you find yourself clicking on banking and making deposits ALOT you can open up the task and click view and you will see an option to add a short cut to your tool bar.

Within the tool bar you edit it by delete, and move the location and add separators. Have fun setting this up and always click APPLY when you are done or you will have to start over! (I learned this the hard way!!)

Now what are you going to do with all that extra time? Hey I know I would probably be happy to take a lunch hour, or leave work early!! You could also take that time and turn it into a sale!!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!