Are you backing up your QuickBooks file?

Your Local Backup:

Setting up QuickBooks Automatic Backups to your desktop to copy to a memory stick:

Click file
Click save copy or backup
Select Backup
Click Next
Click do not display, and ok
Switch dot to “local backup”
Click Browse
Scroll the bar up to the top of the choices of file locations and select DESKTOP
Click ok
Under Online & local backup – UNCHECK the reminder
Click OK
Click Next
Click Save Now, & schedule future backups
Click next
Check the box and change the number to 1
Click finish
Click OK
Click file, exit to test the automatic backup until you get three copies
Delete the backup copy that just has the name not ABU_#

Setting up the USB Flash Drive Short Cut

Insert USB Flash drive and a window pops up
Move window over to the right so you can see the desktop
On the desktop in a blank area, right click the mouse
Click New, and shortcut
Click browse, click MY Computer and find the drive for the USB
Select the drive
Click ok
Click next
Enter name of short cut “USB FLASH DRIVE”
Click Finish

Intuit and you ~ Online Backup

Intuit, publisher of QuickBooks, works hard to keep your data safe. The company:

· uses a data encryption technology similar to that used by major financial institutions for QuickBooks’ online banking and online vendor payment tasks

· does not know your passwords

· offers a subscription-based, automatic online backup service, so that your files are safe in case of loss or damage (QuickBooks 2011 only; QuickBooks Online Backup works with all versions)

Figure 4: Regular backup is more than a good idea. It could save your business someday.

But it’s important that you do your part. Use passwords wherever offered, make them complex, and change them frequently. Maintain regular backup files on your own if you don’t subscribe to Intuit’s service. Cross-train employees so that if you experience a disaster, more than one employee knows the ropes. Know a lot about who is managing your network.

To be doubly safe, ask your us to evaluate your whole system’s security profile. We can help you if your business suffers a breach, but better to try to avoid it ahead of time.
Finally ~ Verify your company Data Weekly

Click file
Click utilities
Click Verify Data