How to shrink the choices of company files when opening QuickBooks.

There are two things to do in order to make your selection of QuickBooks file down to the actual ones you use.

First step is to click file and open previous company.  At the bottom of the list is an option called Set Number of Previous Companies.  Change this number to the number of company files you actually have.  This is usually 1 but could be more.

Second step is to press F2, then press F3, click open file, scroll down to QBWuser.ini, highlight and click open file.  It will bring up a notepad.  Go to the bottom of this file and you will see files numbered.  Remove the files you don’t want to see anymore.  Click file, save, and then exit.

To test close out of QuickBooks and go back in.  Your list should now be the new size, and you shouldn’t see the company files that you just removed.

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