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QuickBooks Desktop Integrated Options


QuickBooks Enhanced

  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Enter hours directly or timesheet
  • Job costing/billable hours
  • Payroll tax tables
  • Track pre/post tax deductions
  • Class tracking
  • Direct deposit fee *
  • Pay Federal withholding tax
  • File 941 Federal payroll tax return
  • File State withholding return
  • File & pay State Unemployment tax
  • File & pay 940 Tax (FUTA)
  • File W3 & W2
  • Limit 800 EE – W2s


QuickBooks Assisted

  • All features of QuickBooks Enhanced, PLUS
  • Track Detailed Job Costing
  • Track Payroll by Class
  • Allocated Tips
  • Negative checks (used for Restaurant Industry)
  • Union Dues
  • Prevailing wage calculation – you file form (QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Enterprise)
  • Federal withholding tax paid for you
  • State withholding tax paid for you *
  • File 941 Federal payroll tax return filed for you
  • State Quarterly & Annual return filed for you
  • 940 Federal Payroll tax return filed for you
  • W3 & W2 filed for you
  • Limit 250 EE -W2s

*Can not do in WY or IN

QuickBooks Online Integrated Options

QuickBooks Online Payroll Core

  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Fast unlimited payroll runs 
  • Calculate paychecks & taxes
  • Year-end filings included 
  • Self-service employee portal (Workforce)
  • Available in all 50 states 
  • Manage garnishments and deductions
  • Payroll reports 
  • Auto Payroll Health benefits for your team 
  • State new-hire reporting 
  • Grant users permissions 
  • Automated tax payments & form filing 
  • Single state filing included - $12 for additional States
  • Workers’ compensation administration fee $5 
  • Product support 
    • via phone and chat 
    • Get step-by-step help
    • troubleshooting assistance
    • tips
    • resources
  • Next day direct deposit available
  • Onboarding, Self Service Setup
  • Guarantees,  Error-free Filings 
  • Limit 250 EE - W2s

QuickBooks Online Premium Payroll

Premium has everything Core has plus:

  • State new-hire reporting
  • Custom user access for added security
  • Local payroll taxes are calculated, filed, and paid, automatically
  • Workers’ compensation administration fee included
  • Same-Day Direct Deposit available
  • HR support center 
    • Ensure compliance with state and federal wage and overtime laws • 
    • Learn best practices on hiring, performance, and termination •
    • Customize job descriptions, onboarding, and performance tools
  • Premium Time Tracking by TSheets
    • Workers can clock in or out anywhere, on any device 
    • GPS tracking makes it easy to see who’s working where, at a glance 
    • Review, edit, and approve employee hours right inside QuickBooks
  • Onboarding, Expert Setup Review

    QuickBooks Online Elite Payroll

    Elite has everything Premium has plus:

    • Additional States Included 
    • Elite Support
      • Prioritized help when you need it 
      • US-based payroll support experts available via phone or chat 
      • Call back support means you’ll get answers on your time—no waiting on hold
    • Personal HR advisor
      • Talk 1:1 with HR advisors
      • Consult with certified HR advisors by phone or online, powered by Mammoth
      • Receive professional guidance on critical HR issues 
      • Get helpful custom handbooks and policies created just for you
    • Elite Time Tracking with geofencing and project planning
      • Track project hours and labor expenses in real-time  
      • Geofencing alerts workers to clock in or out when entering or leaving the job site
      • An activity feed lets team members add and view notes, photos, and project updates from anywhere
    • Elite Onboarding done for you 
      • Professional payroll setup, done for you
      • Get peace of mind knowing an expert will take care of payroll setup
      • US-based specialists can answer any questions via phone
      • Switching from another provider? We’ll ensure data is transferred correctly
    • Tax Penalty-Free Guarantee by Intuit

    Please note that 98% of the city taxes are in the tables, but a handful of counties in OH & PA

      QuickBooks Stand alone option


      Intuit Full Service Payroll

      • Integrates with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online with an export connection
      • Enter hours
      • Payroll tax tables
      • Track pre/post tax deductions
      • Federal withholding tax paid for you
      • State withholding tax paid for you
      • City withholding tax paid for you
      • File 941 Federal payroll tax return filed for you
      • State Quarterly & Annual return filed for you
      • State Unemployment return filed for you
      • City Withholding tax return filed for you
      • 940 Federal Payroll tax return filed for you
      • W3 & W2 payroll tax return filed for you
      • New hire reporting filed for you
      • Pay 1099 Subcontractors with Direct Deposit
      • 1096/1099 filed for you
      • Limit 150 EE -W2s

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